Monday, August 10, 2015

It's August and…

It's August and I haven't blogged since June. My list of excuses includes: the blossoming of my business (yay), a busy toddler (yes, he is 11 months, but seems more toddler than baby now), and the kids at home for the summer+ busy, busy schedules.  Dave plays soccer, Zoe plays soccer, and between the girls they do 14 hours of gymnastics a week. Dave is also still working hard on making our home as we want it. At one point in July I had every evening that Dave didn't play soccer booked with a shoot. And I am grateful, very grateful. All that said, I still want to blog because I love looking back and seeing my photos documented in one place. Of course there are lots of gaps now because I've done such a poor job of this blogging thing, but that's okay. I took the photos and I've filed them so I have them and that's important to me. And hopefully before Griffy is 10 I will make and album to document his first year, which I think I've done a pretty good job of capturing, especially considering how hectic things have been. (Pats self on back for accomplishing that goal. )
I'm going to blog more this week. First up, here is my sweet Reese. I am so proud of the girl she is becoming. One day at the kitchen table she says to me, "You're just jealous because I have such a bright future," in her perfect matter of fact tone. Oh, I love her so. And she has so much promise and I hope to see her fulfill all that she wants to fulfill. She dreams of a big house with a guest house (which she's already picked. Ha), having a daughter she will name Alaska, and a career which she is wavers back and forth on because she's 11 and all. ;) She has her own Youtube channel and treats her video editing like a job. She also takes her gymnastics very seriously. Aside from her 11 hours at the gym, which she is always excited to go to, she practises at home too. She's constantly decorating and redecorating her room. She's a wonderful daughter and a great big sister. Maybe she can just stay 11. It's pretty sweet.