Sunday, April 19, 2015

In the Sink

Dave took the girls away this weekend for Reese's gymnastics competition. Griffy and I had some lovely one on one time. With his great temperament and being just 7 months, he is still a great little shopping companion. ;) But I swear during the night he knew his dad wasn't around to soothe him and wanted to keep me on my toes. When Dave came back today, you could see he was delighted to see his dad again, which really puts the warm fuzzies in my heart, seeing his love for his daddy. We gave Grif his first bath in the kitchen sink tonight and Dave helped so I could take some snapshots. (And I really do mean snapshots here because they were quick photos and I didn't take much time to get my settings right and didn't notice that I should have really snapped on the flash for these). But even so, they are special photos to me.
(Dave told me to wait a minute as I was snapping these, and I stopped to see him putting the little spike in Griffin's hair, which he knows I love. ❤)

Friday, April 17, 2015


I try to take at least a few photos of the children each week. Sometimes it is not all the children. The older one could care less about getting in any photos, it seems. I always love to go through the photos, but I find so many I want to keep and that really distracts me from other things (laundry!) which is really probably why I don't pull out the camera as much as I'd like.