Tuesday, March 31, 2015


It is the end of March. I woke up to another snowfall this morning. I hate the cold and I don't care for snow, but this year, probably more than any other, I am okay with it, even though I anxiously await the Spring weather. I am okay with it because I know this winter will end. And next winter I will not have a 6 month old. I will not be watching Griffin struggle to learn to crawl and I will never have a baby again. So this winter, I am content. I relish our days indoors together, but I do look forward to the Spring, when we can get him out for more walks in his stroller and I can take him on his first swing ride at the park next door. 
Here are a few photos I took yesterday, when the weather was not so snowy. This girl is a natural for the camera. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

6 Months!

My blogging days are few and far between now, but I haven't abandoned ship. On Monday our sweet boy turned 6 months old and to celebrate I took some formal portraits of him in my studio. Dave surprised me by staying up late the night before and staining this new floor for his photos. He asked me last week (seeing my dying tulips in the vase), if I'd like him to get me some flowers, or if I just liked picking my own. I told him I was fine to pick my own. (Who needs a man to bring them flowers when they have one to make them studio flooring?! ;) ) I am still not done sorting through the photos. I might never get done, but I have quite a few already that are keepers.