Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Beginning of a New Year

I have hummed and hawed about the various photography projects I wanted to do this year. In the end, I just couldn't decide, but I think I will do a Project 52 based on inspirational theme words I've pinned from various Pinterest sources, picking whatever one strikes my fancy that week and doing whatever number of photos I want based on that theme. (Do you see why it's best for me to be my own boss? Ha). I would love to do a Project 365, but during my busy times it would become a chore and I can't have a personal project distract me from my business or my family life so it's a no go this year. I can't do everything. I do aspire to take daily photographs of my family though, especially Griffin because he is rapidly changing. And I started that today. It's tricky with a baby to have your camera nearby when you want it. But it is worth the extra effort to stop and get my big camera. I will thank myself for that later.
Zoe is an extremely challenging child. She certainly has her sweet moments though- I asked her for a glass of water today and she brought me one, with ice added, without hesitation. She eagerly offered to help with dinner tonight. And most of all, she is an excellent big sister to Griffin. She absolutely adores him. One day when they are grown, I would rather forget the tantrums, the tears, the struggling to get her to bed at 10 pm…these are the moments I want to remember- the soft tender way she strokes her brother's hands, and how she loves to lay with him and hold…So these are the moments I photograph.

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