Thursday, January 29, 2015


I realized I had only blogged all of maybe once this whole month. And the month just flew by, and I barely noticed. Between daily household chores, my commitment to a 20 minute (almost) daily workout, cooking, and editing, blogging is definitely becoming a back burner task, although I'd still like to do it every now and then. Since my spare minutes usually take place when Griffin is napping, I really have to consider where all my time is going, and I feel slightly guilty every time I sit down at my computer for non-work related purposes when there are more *important* things to be done. But I'm still going to plug away every now and then. I have been taking photos daily, and usually editing at least one or two from most days of the week. Some of them seem repetitive, but my boy will only be this little once. So I'll gladly take the repetitive.

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