Sunday, December 21, 2014

Countdown to Christmas!

I have been so behind on posting photos on my blog. These are just a few of many. I recently discovered that all of my photos get backed up on my Google drive so now I HAVE to blog more. Most of these photos have a story behind them, but there I just so many that I'll just post photos for now…

Thursday, December 11, 2014


I was going up to clean the bathroom while Griffin (briefly) napped this afternoon. I walked past Reese's room and saw her on her iPad. I don't have as much opportunity to snap photos whenever I'd like so I took advantage of the moment and ran down to get a memory card. I get so caught up in taking the photos that other people want (being more traditional portraiture), that I sometimes lose the opportunity to photograph things the way I want to photograph them. Reese is growing up so fast. I hardly ever take photos of just her anymore. She is at that age when it's probably not acceptable to just take a picture whenever I feel like it. The "what are you doing" expression eludes to that…

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

3 Months!

It has been a blessed, blessed 3 months. I thank my lucky stars every day for this little boy, and every Tuesday I sing "happy birthday" to him to celebrate the day he arrived. This Tuesday, Reese sang to him too, unprompted because she knew it was his 3 month birthday. We all love him so much. This morning the girls fought over who got to "sit in front of him" to look at him and play with him. (Zoe was quite displeased that she was at the side and Reese was in front.)
The next 3 months are bound to very different from the first 3, and I don't expect them to breeze by so quickly. The last few days he has been fighting his nap because there is just so much out there in this big, wide, world to see! 

Happy 3 month "birthday" baby boy! ❤