Tuesday, November 25, 2014

One Month 'til Christmas!

It's hard to believe that Christmas is only a month away! This year has been a big year for us, and has involved a lot of personal growth. But for well over a year, I was pretty convinced that there was some kind of hex on us. While there was still so much good for us, so many random bad things just kept happening,that I figured it couldn't just be a string of bad luck, and eventually when we went to put in a pool, we'd find skeletons crawling up from the ground, just like the scene in Poltergeist (because the house had been built on an Indian burial ground.) In the last few months though, things have slowed down and begun to turn around. But then I realized you get used to the ups and downs too. Eventually I have come to take them a bit more "in stride." Dave always gives me a hard time for my negativity, and it just so happens that he is exceptionally good at taking things in stride. In the last few weeks, I took a big financial hit when my camera broke. Then our dishwasher broke down, which brings us to having an issue with ALL of our new appliances except for the dryer. And then a couple days ago I was worried when Dave was out late for his run. I told him when he returned that I was worried he'd been hit by a car. The very next night when he came in from his run he said, "I think you jinxed me." Because that night, he actually had been hit by a car. But he is fine, for which I'm so thankful because a couple strides off and it could have been bad. And I have a new, better camera, which I eventually would have needed anyway. And the dishwasher is being fixed. And none of these things are what qualify as "bad luck" to me anymore. AND next month is Christmas! I want to make it an enjoyable holiday season and do all the things we neglected to do during the other holidays this year- baking, crafting and the like. I have gotten pretty good lately at balance my camera time to make sure I take the time to get snapshots of my own beans…Because life is about balance and we will make time for the things that are important to us.

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