Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fall Photos

On Thanksgiving I took the kids beside our house for a few photos since I hadn't taken ANY outdoor photos of them during my favourite season! I have lots of excuses- very busy schedules, running a business, a newborn...but on this day I wasn't going to let any of those things get in my way! I try to make a bit of time to squeeze in photos of my own children because I will never get these moments back. Since then I've only spontaneous pulled out the camera here and there, but I have snapped cell shots of my boy every single day. November is a very busy month for me so I will have to make an extra effort to try and be attentive to my family. The weekends are crazy hectic around here, but come Monday mornings it's just me and Grif, which is nice and peaceful for me...until 3 o'clock. ;)

My Goodwill find...Archie comics for Reese. 

I saw a baby in a Frankenstein hat on Pinterest. I hat to make one that night, and photograph him in it the next day. I made it from scraps of yarn I had leftover. I wanted more green, but that was all I had and it came from a secondhand store so I doubt I could find more. I think it's enough though! Reese called it a broccoli hat.

Zoe adores her brother. Whenever I go to change his diaper, she says, "I can't miss that!" And then mid change, she picks him up naked. I took them down to my studio after a diaper change and took a few photos.

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