Sunday, November 30, 2014


This seems to be the topic of choice for me lately (aka, the topic of my life). We had another busy weekend, and one of the highlights was our Saturday dinner at DQ. With Reese's gymnastics, my photo shoots, and Dave working on the house, it's nice to stop and take a breath, and take that time together. After that we all went out to Costco to grab a few items and pick up Reese's new glasses. It was good, and when we returned, Dave put on a movie. It was a movie I wanted to watch with the girls, but I just didn't have time. I know I can't have it all all the time though. But because there is so much going on right now, I really appreciate the little things, like these moments with my little man…
And despite her faults (like ALWAYS wanting to come in and interrupt my studio sessions!) Zoe can really be a photographer's dream child. I took a few snapshots of Griffin, and when she saw me doing this, she wanted to join in too. And did I mention she was already wearing a cute dress? Because makes a photographer's heart happy too, of course!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

One Month 'til Christmas!

It's hard to believe that Christmas is only a month away! This year has been a big year for us, and has involved a lot of personal growth. But for well over a year, I was pretty convinced that there was some kind of hex on us. While there was still so much good for us, so many random bad things just kept happening,that I figured it couldn't just be a string of bad luck, and eventually when we went to put in a pool, we'd find skeletons crawling up from the ground, just like the scene in Poltergeist (because the house had been built on an Indian burial ground.) In the last few months though, things have slowed down and begun to turn around. But then I realized you get used to the ups and downs too. Eventually I have come to take them a bit more "in stride." Dave always gives me a hard time for my negativity, and it just so happens that he is exceptionally good at taking things in stride. In the last few weeks, I took a big financial hit when my camera broke. Then our dishwasher broke down, which brings us to having an issue with ALL of our new appliances except for the dryer. And then a couple days ago I was worried when Dave was out late for his run. I told him when he returned that I was worried he'd been hit by a car. The very next night when he came in from his run he said, "I think you jinxed me." Because that night, he actually had been hit by a car. But he is fine, for which I'm so thankful because a couple strides off and it could have been bad. And I have a new, better camera, which I eventually would have needed anyway. And the dishwasher is being fixed. And none of these things are what qualify as "bad luck" to me anymore. AND next month is Christmas! I want to make it an enjoyable holiday season and do all the things we neglected to do during the other holidays this year- baking, crafting and the like. I have gotten pretty good lately at balance my camera time to make sure I take the time to get snapshots of my own beans…Because life is about balance and we will make time for the things that are important to us.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


November is going to be a crazy, crazy month for me. But come December, I plan to pause and focus on my family. I plan to hold my baby while he naps, watch Christmas movies, and make a gingerbread house. And for the whole month of December, I plan to dedicate my studio to my Christmas tree, where it will have a room to itself!
We had our first round of family photos as a family of 5(!) on October 25th, which was just perfect because it also happened to be our 11th wedding anniversary.❤

Friday, November 7, 2014

Bat Baby

I have fun coming up with little shoot ideas to do with Griffin. Today he was Batman. Or Batbaby, if you prefer.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Baby Feet

This is me, stopping to smell the roses.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fall Photos

On Thanksgiving I took the kids beside our house for a few photos since I hadn't taken ANY outdoor photos of them during my favourite season! I have lots of excuses- very busy schedules, running a business, a newborn...but on this day I wasn't going to let any of those things get in my way! I try to make a bit of time to squeeze in photos of my own children because I will never get these moments back. Since then I've only spontaneous pulled out the camera here and there, but I have snapped cell shots of my boy every single day. November is a very busy month for me so I will have to make an extra effort to try and be attentive to my family. The weekends are crazy hectic around here, but come Monday mornings it's just me and Grif, which is nice and peaceful for me...until 3 o'clock. ;)

My Goodwill find...Archie comics for Reese. 

I saw a baby in a Frankenstein hat on Pinterest. I hat to make one that night, and photograph him in it the next day. I made it from scraps of yarn I had leftover. I wanted more green, but that was all I had and it came from a secondhand store so I doubt I could find more. I think it's enough though! Reese called it a broccoli hat.

Zoe adores her brother. Whenever I go to change his diaper, she says, "I can't miss that!" And then mid change, she picks him up naked. I took them down to my studio after a diaper change and took a few photos.