Monday, September 8, 2014

When Are You Due?

Last night Dave and I stayed up until 1:30 watching the Mindy Project and talking. I enjoy our weekends together, and we are finding a good balance, even though he still has to find a fair amount of time to work on the house. The house is good though. We are in a good place where we have come to realize that we could never really appreciate every detail the way we do- trim, a new door, landscaping- if we hadn't gone through this process. And there is still so much exciting stuff yet to come. We took our last trip to America for a while. It was a nice outing. I always enjoy our day trips and we make it fun for the kids. I will be sad to have to take a break from that, but it's probably not realistic to go there monthly with a newborn.
It seems every time I'm out now someone asks me when I'm due. I told Dave I must have that look about my (huge) belly now that says I'm ready to pop. Unfortunately it seems like someone wants to stay put. Being at the end of pregnancy people ask if I'm getting uncomfortable. Well, I can barely bend and have no balance, but I feel fine. I think it's just more eagerness because I know I'm days away. I don't know when, or what to expect,  but just days away. 
(These yellow pants came for Reese in the mail the other day. They make me really happy to see them on her. I love colour.)

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