Friday, September 12, 2014

The Birth of Griffin David

On Tuesday, September 9th (his exact due date), we welcomed our baby boy, Griffin David, weighing in at the same birth weight as big sister Reese- 8lbs, 12ozs. The birth was everything I could possibly hope for from the birthing process, which left me very happy. It is nice to be able to have fond memories of my last experience giving birth, like ending on a high note. David took a lovely little series of photos for me, but these are the only two that don't show Griffin's nudey parts, or me nursing him for the first time, which was amazing by the way.  He latched on the VERY first attempt, no fumbling, like he was born to breastfeed. We are all absolutely in love with him. Yesterday I found his head sticky from cotton candy lipgloss kisses, if that's any indication. ;)

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  1. Makayla and Noah were both born on their due dates too :) Andrew was 2 days late by my Dr's prediction, but right on time according to my prediction. :)

    The pictures are beautiful.