Monday, August 4, 2014


Today is Zoe's 7th birthday. The kids were up so late last night that by the time they fell asleep (after 11!) I was too tired to bake the cake I'd promised Zoe. Every year on the girls' birthdays I undertake the   daunting task of making a cake. I say daunting because something always goes wrong, but I've come to anticipate it, and I just go with the flow. And every year I'm reminded that although I may be creative, I am not a neat and tidy cake master, by any means. While you'd think this realization might be deflating, it's actually not. Because while the children look over my shoulder, cooing over their new cake, they always marvel about how beautiful it is and how it's "the best cake ever," and how heartwarming is that for a mother, right? The girls and I had a nice day together shopping and having a little at home spa, and now as I type this Zoe is upstairs spending a little time with her dad, (who has been busy putting in a driveway this weekend), reading bedtime stories. It was a good birthday. 
 We gave her 5 new pairs of earring and some shopping money. :) 

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