Saturday, August 9, 2014

Back to School, 2014

It's hard to believe that I started this blog when Zoe was just 2, and Reese was 5, and now here they are-   Zoe going into grade 2, and Reese grade 5. This photo shoot will go down as one of my favourites. I wanted a fun set, and fun sets and fun photos just go hand in hand. I had a good laugh sorting through these, and there were so many that I loved. The summer has been good, but Zoe constantly needs to be entertained and she is not an easy one to get to bed either. It has been months since she has been in bed before 10 pm, and there has been much stalling and call backs, and then lately she gets up in the nights and sneaks in between me and Dave in bed. So it's tiring, after spending so much time arguing with her during the day. There's constant arguing about her not picking up after herself, and then there's arguing over ridiculously things, like why she can't spend her money to buy herself reading glasses at the store. So it is nice at the end of the day to have these photos to go through because they are an easy reminder why I love her so. It's also nice to see photos of the girls interacting together, and having fun. Of course there was a fight over the seat at the end. But that probably goes without saying. ;)

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