Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Back Handspring

This summer Reese joined a competitive gymnastics team. It is the love of her life, and she has shown a crazy amount of dedication to her sport. She trains 8 hours a week, and then some more at home, and then watches gymnastics videos on Youtube...
She is currently working on her back handspring. I love seeing her excitement as she gets closer and closer to her goals.
And then there's Dave. I'm very proud of him too. Not only is he amazingly dedicated to the build of this home, but he takes time out, pencil still behind his ear, to spot his daughter on back handspring before he goes back to trimming the windows in the baby's room. It's been a long process, this build, one that few can truly appreciate (or at least relate to), but we are grateful-  grateful in a way we never could have been had we had a home fully built for us, or had not nearly so many challenges, or had the process been faster. It's a journey we've shared together and for that I am very thankful. 

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