Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Memory Behind a Photo

We took the girls to Sunfest today. We remarked to each other, later in the evening, how in 10 years here, we've never been. We weren't even there long, but the girls were so happy to go. We bought them the dresses they are wearing in these photos. Zoe picked one and then selected a different one, commenting on how she wanted one to "match" with Reese in case I took photos of them. Well, wasn't I proud of my girl in that moment, thinking about photos! ;)  They got Henna tattoos as well. Reese talked about them before we arrived and she clearly really wanted one. We decided to give it a go, as a one time thing because if I get some ink I can do it on my own for them as often they like, and I'd have fun with that too. I took some hand photos of their tattoos later. They are just pictures of the tattoos, but it is the last two photos on this post that were of more significance to me than the tattoo photos. They were snapped as Zoe was trying to decide how to pose her hand, and you can see  the contemplative look (or a tiny little smirk?) forming in the last one because she told me she wanted to pose her hand "like this" and stuck her middle finger out. I told her she couldn't because that's a swear word, and she knows it. She denied it, but I think we all know the truth. ;)

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