Friday, June 6, 2014

Sunshine and Rainbows

The girls and I went for smoothies at the mall after school. Then we went and bought them dresses. (This is Zoe's. Reese's is yellow). Zoe had to go pee just as we were about to leave. It was annoying, but certainly not as annoying as stopping to change a baby's diaper will be so I guess I have just been pampered with big kids for too long. It will be hard readjusting. When Dave got home we went to Wendy's for dinner. Zoe screamed in the car because she couldn't find a hairbrush and didn't get to brush her hair. It was really annoying. When we got there she asked me to put it in a bun. Then things were good from there. She spent the evening outside and found a little playmate at the park so she was happy. Reese went to a sleepover. Just a couple more weeks of freedom for me, and then it's summer vacation for the girls. And after summer, we're having a baby. I am soaking in my peaceful mornings until then.

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