Monday, May 26, 2014

Weird Ideas

I drive past random things sometimes and think "Oh, I want to get the girls picture in front of that!" Gas stations, random run down buildings, colourful name it. But usually we just keep driving. It's just a thought, never an action. So naturally since there was a digger sitting on our property yesterday (a nice, bright green one), I wanted the girls picture by that, but they weren't home. Today it was gone. So I settled for the white one and a trailer because I just wasn't going to waste another opportunity. Reese wanted to take a picture for her Ipad too. She was excited about that, and I was excited about that too because it pretty much means I am helping to teach her to think artistically and outside the box. When people ask me for location ideas for photo shoots, I spew off the names of local parks or popular spots for photography, but inside, I'm itching for some different. My true response for a good location is pretty much anywhere- your neighbourhood, your backyard, even the half built condos nearby seem interesting to me. I had strongly considered having a family photo taken on our lot before we built here. It was this nagging feeling, even though I felt it was silly, and I was nervous about what I would do with the photos if our dreams never came true, but now I regret not doing it. We get a lot of people asking if we have taken pictures of the process, and Dave's response is that we don't want to remember it like this. And that's mostly true, but I still wish we had a picture of us here, on our soil before it became a house. 

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