Friday, May 30, 2014


After a long winter, we are soaking in these glorious Spring days. Some are hot, hot, and some are cool, but it's good. I'm taking as many photos as possible. Before we left for Reese's soccer game, I asked Zoe is she wanted me to take the camera to take pictures of her, and she said yes. Um, yay! I take the girls photos often, not just for my own personal collection, or theirs, but for to stimulate my creativity for the better of my business. To say photography is an oversaturated market would be an understatement. There are many good photographers out there, many that follow the Pinterest-y trends (which are sometimes trends for a reason, right? Some are overdone though.) I strive to think outside the box,  get out there and shoot from different angles, different perspectives. It's very satisfying to get out of a rut. 
We just took some photos at the park during practice, and then I watched Reese play. She worked hard,  had fun, played awesome, and made me proud. :)

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