Monday, April 21, 2014

Some Days

I woke up this morning feeling like an absolute grouch. I can not even describe the process of building your own house, and the ridiculous amount of patience it takes, the length of the process, the setbacks...I have many people say "oh, I know!" But they really don't know because they had a house built for them, which is totally different than having your husband build a house. I knew this job was a big job, but you never really know how big, or how many little details are involved until you live through it. So my patience is wearing thin. But I am oh so grateful too. And then it hit me, as I was drinking my coffee... It's been four days since we found out we are having a little boy. This was a huge shock to us, as I was insistent that I just knew this baby would be a girl. I could have 10 little girls, and I would still be thrilled, I'm sure. I love girl things, dressing up little girls, picking out girl toys, etc. But all that aside, I was beyond thrilled to learn this baby would be a boy. I always had this curiosity about what a "little David" would be like, about this experience I never thought I'd have. So yes, I am grateful  for the beautiful home that Dave is building for us, but so much more too. So I've decided to put my grouchiness aside...for today anyway. ;)

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