Thursday, January 2, 2014

Chips and Some Phone Blogging

Two days into the new year, and another tough day...Snow leaking into the attic of our new house because the exterior isn't finished, our kitchen delayed a month and counting, our builder being nearly two months behind his contract and not responding to Dave's messages and on and on... I am so stressed and frustrated, but I have to keep plugging away on this packing, each day, just me. The thing that keeps me going is Dave. Tonight he brought chips home and that was what brightened my day. I have to keep going so I'm going to need those chips...and coffee.

1 comment:

  1. :( Boo! Well, that's a grim update and seeing as it's 11 days ago, I guess things aren't that much better. A glimmer of hope - my 2013 started with glum house business and turned into AMAZING HOUSE BUSINESS!! I'm sure your 2014 will be the same. Soon. And in the meantime, there are chips.