Monday, September 30, 2013

Paper People

A few weeks ago after school, the girls were creating. I much prefer the sound of clipping paper to the tv when they return home. They made these paper dolls. Zoe showed me that the belly of her guy is a computer. "This is my favourite thing ever!" she declared, hugging it. I took photos of them making their craft to preserve this little bit of joy.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Six Questions

Thanks Jill for sending me these questions and forcing me to update this sad, little blog. :P
I am a good sport though (right, right?)

1. Is this how you imagined your life would be?
It is better, for the most part, for which I feel very, very fortunate.

2. What's your drink of choice when out with girlfriends?
I don't really go out for drinks with girlfriends (basically what I'm saying is I don't drink. Ha. ha.) I just go out for dinners or lunches. But when I do have drinks, it is almost always vodka mixed with Crystal Light.

3. What hobbies do you have that you don't mention in your blog?
Sadly, many of my "hobbies" have been lost in adult life and replaced with more productive things, or what I tell myself is more productive. I do jog, which I have mentioned here, but don't really post about.

4. Name one thing about yourself that has surprised you.
Just one thing? I am surprised that I became a Photographer and discovered it is my actual DREAM job and that I love it so much. In University I hated the technical study of Photography so much that I wanted to drop out of the visual arts. Also, less than a decade ago if you told me this would be my "job," I'd have been really surprised, for sure.

5. How did your blog come about?
One year I decided to join a bunch of ladies doing a Photography project called "Project 365" where you post a photo a day for a year. I chose to do my project in blog form,
which I discovered was a fun form of photo journaling so when it was done, I tried to (somewhat) keep up with it after the year ended.

6. If money were no issue, I'd purchase...
My dream home, done exactly as I envision it. While I'd definitely be lying if I said money wasn't an issue, I am hoping to come pretty close to this "dream" home soon. So while I'd love to be financially more comfortable, I am quite happy for what we have.

And since no post is complete with out a photo, here is our newest family pic, taken by Jessica Lutz Photography. I'm *pretty* sure I'm supposed to tag people in this to keep it going, but I'm pretty sure I'm also running late. Ha. I've never been good at these games.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another Summer

I am disappointed in my lack of blogging this summer. Blogging just became low on my list of priorities with everything else going on this summer. Hopefully someday soon I'll be able to post about some of that. ;)
These are a few photos from highlights of our summer:
My mud loving swamp creatures (who left a VERY dirty tub).
Sparklers to celebrate Zoe's 6th birthday
A couple trips to Grand Bend (I did shoots while the children enjoyed the beach with Dave)
Time with their cousins in Grandma and Bubba's pool
The kids enjoying music with their dad
We also went to the drive in for the first time ever (as a family). That was super fun. We saw Smurfs 2. I can't wait to go again. I just don't LOVE the late nights for the kids. ;)

I'm not going to lie though. I was happy to see summer come to an end and the school year begin!