Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to School Photos 2013

These are just a *few* photos from the little shoot I did last night for the girls "back to school" photos. As always, it was a real chore to get them ready and out for photos. By the time we arrived, Zoe had ripped out her braids and lost the elastics. "They fell out." Sigh. But as soon as I was done the photos, she magically forgot all about the braids and left them in all night. But I doubt she pulled them out before the shoot to intentionally aggravate me. ;) All drama and not listening aside, I was very happy with the photos. Sometimes when they start to take their own course and have fun, we end up with some of the best photos. Other times we just end up with fighting. Ha. Following the shoot, we celebrated with some Starbucks, and we had three happy campers. Dave wasn't that happy of a camper because he didn't have any Starbucks. ;) Since I had my big camera on hand, it was obviously a photo op.


  1. Love the pictures :)

    I can't wait to get our fall pictures done :)

  2. 1. I love Reese's shoes
    2. We have that picnic basket!
    3. Cordelia is ALWAYS ripping out her braids. Makes me insane.
    4. Your girls are awesome. These pictures are priceless.

  3. Oh these are sooooo great! Love your desk, etc props!