Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Raggedy Ann + Zoe

This was one of my favourite photo shoots I've ever done. In a matter of minutes, I captured the essence of my little girl's personality in these pictures (and more). You see her happy, playful, sassy, and perturbed. And it all happened in a span of just a few short minutes, as I took these photos, which makes it her to a T, as she is all these things. I couldn't have hoped for more from this little session we squeezed in before the end of our day together.
p.s. She picked the earrings. Possibly my favourite earrings ever- cotton candy on a stick.






  1. Cuuuute! Love the colour pop of Raggedy Ann against Zoe's awesome outfit!

  2. What amazing photos! I can see why you love them so. She shows such personality in every one. Love her little dirty knees, a kindred spirit to my boy lol!