Monday, April 29, 2013


We have never had professional photos done. We've gone to Sears and what not, but never a photographer. Well, once we paid way too much money for one not-so-great picture of Reese when she was 9 months, but anyway... Oddly enough it wasn't until I opened up my little business that I started to become envious of my clients for having these family photos, when I, the photographer, didn't have any aside from the big box store variety...last taken 5 years ago. And I also realized how wise they were. ;) Photography is a great investment. While your $150 dye job on your hair will grow out, and your fancy dinner will digest, your family photos will remain.  So I realized that this was where we needed to spend any extra cash we might have.  For Mother's Day I asked Dave to buy me a mini session with the girls so that is what he did. :) These aren't those photos, but I had Dave take a couple of us after our session, and then I took a few of my oh-so-cooperative girls before they ran off to play and Zoe nearly broke her arm running up the slide and falling off. (Sigh.) We will be getting family photos done soon. :)
We had a family pic done ONCE when I was a child. I was six, it was Olan Mills. I had a bowl cut. My mom had a BIG perm. :)



  1. good for you! although i am not a photographer by career, I find that i rarely ever get a photo of me, and even more rare is a photo of us all. for some reason i can't seem to collect the cash to do it. maybe i will put it on my christmas list! i cant' wait to see your pro photos!

  2. What great shots with the sunshine hitting just perfectly in every one. Beautiful.