Monday, April 29, 2013


We have never had professional photos done. We've gone to Sears and what not, but never a photographer. Well, once we paid way too much money for one not-so-great picture of Reese when she was 9 months, but anyway... Oddly enough it wasn't until I opened up my little business that I started to become envious of my clients for having these family photos, when I, the photographer, didn't have any aside from the big box store variety...last taken 5 years ago. And I also realized how wise they were. ;) Photography is a great investment. While your $150 dye job on your hair will grow out, and your fancy dinner will digest, your family photos will remain.  So I realized that this was where we needed to spend any extra cash we might have.  For Mother's Day I asked Dave to buy me a mini session with the girls so that is what he did. :) These aren't those photos, but I had Dave take a couple of us after our session, and then I took a few of my oh-so-cooperative girls before they ran off to play and Zoe nearly broke her arm running up the slide and falling off. (Sigh.) We will be getting family photos done soon. :)
We had a family pic done ONCE when I was a child. I was six, it was Olan Mills. I had a bowl cut. My mom had a BIG perm. :)


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My New Lens

On the weekend I picked up my new lens, and yesterday evening I took it for its first outdoor test drive. I shoot almost all my photos with a 35mm lens and this one will be a great addition for my outdoor shoots and weddings. (It's a 135mm.)


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Like Her Momma

Zoe loves her crafts. She took a bit longer than Reese to develop the love for art, but now it's there, full force. Yesterday she drank a yogurt drink and then made a craft from it- all her own creation. ♥ She wrapped a piece of her blanket around the container, made and cut flowers, designed a stem out of a straw, and made the flower a little crown. ♥♥♥ She sealed it all with some tape. I think she just likes to tape stuff.
A happy and proud girl. :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Walk

We went for a little walk on campus the other day. I am so excited about Spring finally arriving.  It was a loooong wait. Now the days are starting out half nice, and half raining, but I'll take it. :) In less-good news, Zoe broke her two front teeth last week, and after humming and hawing, the dentist decided it would be best if she have them removed. She didn't want to risk the baby teeth damaging the adult teeth. She will need to be put under since the teeth are broken and they need to get the roots out. I guess I should expect no less from my rough and tumble girl. ;)

See how she has a space between her teeth? That was never there before, but Dave pushed the teeth back in, and they didn't go all the way back.

Monday, April 8, 2013

His Girls

Some days (like today) he curls their hair before driving them to school. If they both want to be carried, he picks them BOTH up and carries them...maybe even still on their wedding day. ;)
I try not to play around to much with my clients' pics because I want some consistency for them, but with my own, I still need to play and experiment. Pic A or B?