Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Yesterday evening we went for a walk on the trail near our house. The girls were having a lot of fun- until they got wet.  Reese didn't bring a hat, but Zoe offered hers when her head got cold.  And when Reese's feet were soaked, Zoe offered to trade her boots. That girl is a doll sometimes. ♥

A sunflare rainbow for my girls! ♥

Yes, this is how my girl dresses to go out in the woods! I asked her to put legwarmers on over her tights, and she did- in style, apparently.
We are considering moving this Spring/Summer, but after waiting eight years for this first trail to develop,(it was on the list of promises when we moved into our home), it is hard to imagine not having trails nearby. My list of must-haves for our next home is growing excessively long!


  1. Our big backyard is one big trail system so I can totally understand the love of the trails! What I love is the gorgeous colour pop of your girls among all the non colour of the branches and snow! Such gorgeous girly girl outfits!