Friday, February 1, 2013

With Intention

Last night I was cleaning out a book shelf in the basement...colouring books never finished, mazes never completed, books that my girls are quickly outgrowing. I began ripping out pages from some of those books and vowed to do more of those activities with my not little Zo this week. 
This week I'll...
Sit and draw/colour with my girls
Take more photos of them just "being"
Get some pictures of Zoe in the rain or snow
Hunt for sticks in the woods and make fairy wands
...and maybe make some more rockin' panzarotti in the deep fryer because it was a big hit this week. This all started with a Pizza and Panzarotti flyer I got in the mail. And then I had to make some. Right then. Reese ate her whole panzarotti and then said it was "too small!"


  1. Your girls are so darling. I love pictures of people just being in the moment. They are my absolute favorite kind. Beautiful. I hope your week is wonderful.

  2. omg. drool. is there anything better than deepfried panzarotti?!