Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Random Pictures and a Half Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was Zoe's half birthday. The girls celebrated tonight with a little half birthday party, complete with presents (that were things of Reese's that she was passing along to her sister), games, crafts, and prizes. While they "partied," I baked a hot fudge pie, and then we danced until the girls had to go bed. Those were some good times, other then a strange microwave fire and the occasional fighting. ;) (Fortunately I was standing right in front of the microwave when the fire occurred, but I don't know that I'll ever feel the same about leaving a microwave unattended again. It was really weird.)
A spa party we had a few days ago. Zoe's cucumber didn't last long. She couldn't resist eating them and after having a partially bitten one on her eye for a while, she needed to replace them. ;)

I tried to get a picture of us using the self timer...It mostly went like this...
But then I got one! :)


  1. Ha! Love the self timer shots! Stangely enough, today I was heating up coffee in the microwave (I know, its a sin) and the paper cup started smoking. Woo wee, it smelled like a campfire! Thank goodness I noticed it!

  2. Ok, seriously?! Your house must be a hoot!!!