Monday, February 25, 2013

Macro Wannabee

I don't have very many lenses for my camera, and I don't feel the need for too many. Now that I have a little business I try to save up for the top of the line ones and in the meantime I sit with lens envy. So today I was wishing for a macro, and then I remembered that I have a lens that I never really use with a kind of faux macro setting so I pulled out that and made due. And now I am over the macro thing for a little while, anyway. :) And besides which, I recognize that wanting does nothing for the enjoyment of that which we already have. So I'm going to sit and enjoy it, and draw orange and aqua rainbows, and cotton candy on a stick because I know I won't get to spent my whole life doing those things, but right now I can.


I like how Zoe writes me little notes these days, even saucy ones like this where she wrote "no" (for some reason) in my cotton candy stick. Today I was coming upstairs and noticed a little note lying on the floor.  I felt a little irritated at first because I hate scraps of paper lying around (and she's always leaving stuff lying around), but then I could not help but smile at the little note that she'd left at the top of the stairs that read "Love Mom." :) And of course I felt a little silly for that initial internal reaction.

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