Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love Day Prep

Today Zoe wrote out her Valentine's cards. It took her about 10 seconds to write her name on all of them so I am sure they are neatly written. ;) She threaded each lollipop through the holes herself and was willing to spend her own tooth fairy money to buy candy grams for 6 of her classmates. :) I didn't want to buy candy grams because I think it's kind of a hurtful concept for Kindergartens, really. It's hard to be left out at that age, I'm sure. But Dave willingly passed her a toonie when she couldn't find hers. Reese bought candy grams for her classmates too, but ONLY for girls while Zoe's were 50-50. Zoe and I had debates over her Valentine's day outfit. I had two special outfits for her to choose from and she was not a fan.  Reese showed me her outfit (a Valentine's Day dress!) and told me I could take joy in that. 1 out of 2 will have to do.

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  1. YOU CAN TAKE JOY IN THAT, LMAO!! Oh, that is so funny, so very funny. Cordelia did not choose either of my Valentine's outfits either. I was not impressed. At least I can dress Kingsley. When he rebels, I'm buying one of those creepy Maplelea dolls for myself.