Monday, January 7, 2013

Valentine's Day Pics...A Little Early! (A Photo Overload)

I love to take photos, like really really love to. It brings me lots of joy, the whole process, really.  I love searching for new props, planning stylized shoot (if only in my head), and making things...I made these little felt heart banners for my wooden crates, and I made this fabric rag banner. It was fun. I had to do our Valentine's pictures a little early because I like to be able to show a "demo" of my setup for my mini sessions.  I like doing the outdoor pics, just letting people interact and do their thing, but I like the indoor posed pics too. I don't dig the "Walmart" style really, I like something a little different from the box store look. I wasn't sure how many people would book Valentine's Day minis, but I'm happy to say that all of my time slots filled up quickly. I personally see it as another excuse to take cute pics. ;)


  1. LOVE these! The rag banner is great!

  2. I love that your girls are super models for you! My sister Jill and her three kiddos did a mini sessions with you for Christmas. I am curious about your floor? Is it real or a faux cover? I like it. As you know I have made one effort on the stylized shoot as a family. I have done three shoots for each of my little gal's 3 birthdays as well. Its become her birthday tradition, I like those, but there is always a minor amount of stress for me. ; )