Tuesday, January 8, 2013


On Saturday I went shopping with Reese. She wore her good dress coat and her high heels, while she walked around in pure bliss with her giant lollipop, won at Chuck E Cheese last month. She wanted to go to some of her favourite stores- Homesense, Winners, and Pier 1. She was the cutest little lady. She is like two different people in one little body sometimes- ripped jeans, eye rolling prepubescent one day, and sweet and proper the next. I remember those moments when Reese was young, and I would stop sometimes, reflecting on how breathtakingly beautiful she looked in a particular moment. And most of the time I would think about taking a picture, but figured I had plenty of opportunities to take pictures...later. And then she grew fast. While I may have far less photos of her early years with that sweet white blonde hair blowing in the wind than I'd like, I still have plenty of opportunities to freeze the little moments now, and I try to remind myself to stop and grab the camera because before I know it she won't be eight anymore...

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