Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year; New Project

Last year I tried a Flickr project. It was a lonely venture. I didn't have any friends to join me in my Project 52, and I eventually quit when I became bogged down with my new business stuff. This year I have decided to do a project 365 on Flickr, but I will not be updating it daily. I will make sure I take my daily photos, and then update when I have the chance.  I love photographing people, but I find that I neglect other areas of photography when I'm doing that so that's why I wanted to do this project.  I can't say how busy I'll get with other things, but as long as I'm focused on spending some time photographing objects, nature, and doing creative photo projects, I'm happy. So that's the goal. If you'd like to follow along here is my link.
And better yet, if you have your own Flickr, please send me the link. I love to follow new people.

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