Monday, January 14, 2013

Just a couple random pics...

I thought these were kind of funny. I took this on the day that Reese was sick. (She's all better now, but I just uploaded the photo.)
Zoe, serious sugar junkie.

I am kind of surprised that they still make candy cigars, seeing how Popeye cigarettes are now candy sticks with no red dot on the end.  These are classic. Reese feels the same way about black licorice cigars as actual cigars- disgusted. That leaves a whole Costco size box all for me. 

After much coxing to play on her own (when Reese was sick), Zoe built her first snowman by herself. (I came out to assist with the buttons). She insisted the largest ball be the head. There was much sweat and tears. I took this picture. Then she leaned in to kiss it, and it fell over. Many more tears added. The next day it got warmer anyway and we had a snow puddle with some buttons and a dehydrated carrot.  

Aw, rats...

Zoe, suffering from cake envy. This will inevitably happen with every cake smash. And the children are so confused why a baby needs a whole cake to himself. But don't feel sad for them. I used the leftover to bake them cupcakes that matched.

The girls were pretty overjoyed tonight when a large Naartjie package came to the door for them. I taught Zoe to tie her shoes so she could wear them to school. She is so proud and even told me she was going to wear them in the bathroom so she could practice tying while she went pee. Yup. You know, practice makes perfect and all that. ;) And as if awesome mail weren't enough fun, we one tickets to see Disney on Ice! (Thanks OHM!)


  1. Oh my word, those shoes are AWESOME!!!

    and thanks for the shoutout! Hope I get to see you next week at Disney on Ice! :)

  2. Those shoes ARE awesome! The snowman story is terribly sad. Kids are so funny that way.