Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jan 1- Happy New Year!

January first was a pretty great day. Any day that starts off with sleeping until 10 am is pretty likely to be a good one. The children spent hours outside working on their igloo with friends, while Dave and I cleaned and organized. They were out so long that I had to bring them grilled cheese sandwiches to eat on the front porch. It was cute watching them sit out in the snow, eating sandwiches with their friends.  The igloo is getting big. I took this snap of it yesterday. It's not going to have a roof though (too dangerous.)  Reese is so dedicated to this project. She couldn't wait to get out there again this morning, and was the first one to rush back to the igloo after their sandwiches. In other stinkin' cuteness, the girls have been working on pastel drawings. Reese helped Zoe with this bunny.♥ Dave goes back to work tomorrow. Sniff. It's been a good holiday.


  1. That is some hardcore snow building! I'm seriously impressed!