Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Valentine's Day Wreath, Sunscreen Bars, and One Little Tooth

This week I had spare time to do things that I wanted to do. Sure, I could have fit in the online course on my list, but next week for that, maybe! I made a skirt for Zo. We made lip balm, sunscreen bars, and lotion bars. I also made a Valentine's Day wreath. I felt pretty fulfilled. And in between, Zoe not only learned to tie her shoes, but also to skate "really fast," and lost her first tooth. I took three videos in which she told the story about the tooth, and sang a song about it. I regret the lack of videos that I take, and treasure the few of have from Reese's early childhood. I enjoy the short variety that cover sweet little voices and random things, rather than the long, boring Christmas concert variety. 

I made the wreath out of tulle and taffeta.  Maybe it could use more pink. I'm not sure yet. Or some swirly felt hearts?
I had to punch the names of the products into my bars with metal letters because right now I've only made white bars so let's avoid some confusion. I think I have tweaked the recipes to how I want them now, but I will do some more product testing before I share- particularly with the sunscreen bars because I want to ensure that they actually work. I think they will though. I can't be certain of the SPF at this point, but we aren't burners anyway so a bit of protection should be fine. 

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