Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Brown Sugar

The girls have a new little friend. For a few short hours, she was "Butterscotch," and then she became "Brown Sugar." 

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Last night I practiced the art of self portraiture while I cooked dinner. Multitasking, I tell you! I love aprons. I now have a small collection. This is my (second) newest one. I picked up one the other day, but I think it would look much cuter on one of the children (it's the waist variety). I never understood the point of the waist aprons, but I picked that one up second hand and it was cute and vintage-y.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nutella Popsicles

Not much new here...We won a Maplelea doll, which the girls received in the mail yesterday. Ever since the arrival of the doll, they've been bonding...dressing the doll, making her a bed, a bedroom, and then decluttering Zoe's room, playing weird games... The above picture depicts a Cheerios eating contest- pie style. Tonight I made them Nutellasicles for dessert (found on Pinterest.) It was a handy little recipe to make it the quick pop maker.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Valentine's Day Wreath, Sunscreen Bars, and One Little Tooth

This week I had spare time to do things that I wanted to do. Sure, I could have fit in the online course on my list, but next week for that, maybe! I made a skirt for Zo. We made lip balm, sunscreen bars, and lotion bars. I also made a Valentine's Day wreath. I felt pretty fulfilled. And in between, Zoe not only learned to tie her shoes, but also to skate "really fast," and lost her first tooth. I took three videos in which she told the story about the tooth, and sang a song about it. I regret the lack of videos that I take, and treasure the few of have from Reese's early childhood. I enjoy the short variety that cover sweet little voices and random things, rather than the long, boring Christmas concert variety. 

I made the wreath out of tulle and taffeta.  Maybe it could use more pink. I'm not sure yet. Or some swirly felt hearts?
I had to punch the names of the products into my bars with metal letters because right now I've only made white bars so let's avoid some confusion. I think I have tweaked the recipes to how I want them now, but I will do some more product testing before I share- particularly with the sunscreen bars because I want to ensure that they actually work. I think they will though. I can't be certain of the SPF at this point, but we aren't burners anyway so a bit of protection should be fine. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Just a couple random pics...

I thought these were kind of funny. I took this on the day that Reese was sick. (She's all better now, but I just uploaded the photo.)
Zoe, serious sugar junkie.

I am kind of surprised that they still make candy cigars, seeing how Popeye cigarettes are now candy sticks with no red dot on the end.  These are classic. Reese feels the same way about black licorice cigars as actual cigars- disgusted. That leaves a whole Costco size box all for me. 

After much coxing to play on her own (when Reese was sick), Zoe built her first snowman by herself. (I came out to assist with the buttons). She insisted the largest ball be the head. There was much sweat and tears. I took this picture. Then she leaned in to kiss it, and it fell over. Many more tears added. The next day it got warmer anyway and we had a snow puddle with some buttons and a dehydrated carrot.  

Aw, rats...

Zoe, suffering from cake envy. This will inevitably happen with every cake smash. And the children are so confused why a baby needs a whole cake to himself. But don't feel sad for them. I used the leftover to bake them cupcakes that matched.

The girls were pretty overjoyed tonight when a large Naartjie package came to the door for them. I taught Zoe to tie her shoes so she could wear them to school. She is so proud and even told me she was going to wear them in the bathroom so she could practice tying while she went pee. Yup. You know, practice makes perfect and all that. ;) And as if awesome mail weren't enough fun, we one tickets to see Disney on Ice! (Thanks OHM!)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Just one Picture....

A guinea pig and a partially smashed cake...that is all for today. It's never a dull day, right? ;)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Girlies

Yesterday Reese was home from school sick. Her sister was more than happy to snuggle up with her. ♥

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


On Saturday I went shopping with Reese. She wore her good dress coat and her high heels, while she walked around in pure bliss with her giant lollipop, won at Chuck E Cheese last month. She wanted to go to some of her favourite stores- Homesense, Winners, and Pier 1. She was the cutest little lady. She is like two different people in one little body sometimes- ripped jeans, eye rolling prepubescent one day, and sweet and proper the next. I remember those moments when Reese was young, and I would stop sometimes, reflecting on how breathtakingly beautiful she looked in a particular moment. And most of the time I would think about taking a picture, but figured I had plenty of opportunities to take pictures...later. And then she grew fast. While I may have far less photos of her early years with that sweet white blonde hair blowing in the wind than I'd like, I still have plenty of opportunities to freeze the little moments now, and I try to remind myself to stop and grab the camera because before I know it she won't be eight anymore...

Monday, January 7, 2013

Valentine's Day Pics...A Little Early! (A Photo Overload)

I love to take photos, like really really love to. It brings me lots of joy, the whole process, really.  I love searching for new props, planning stylized shoot (if only in my head), and making things...I made these little felt heart banners for my wooden crates, and I made this fabric rag banner. It was fun. I had to do our Valentine's pictures a little early because I like to be able to show a "demo" of my setup for my mini sessions.  I like doing the outdoor pics, just letting people interact and do their thing, but I like the indoor posed pics too. I don't dig the "Walmart" style really, I like something a little different from the box store look. I wasn't sure how many people would book Valentine's Day minis, but I'm happy to say that all of my time slots filled up quickly. I personally see it as another excuse to take cute pics. ;)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Put on your happy face...

My five year old is a very moody girl. One minute, she is talking to me in the sweetest little voice I've ever heard, and a minute later she'll be growling about something. Well, I could live without the growling, but the expressions are pretty awesome.
I excluded the picture of her throwing a snowball at me. I found it offensive. Ha.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


I found this idea for painted owls on Pinterest. I loved making these little guys. I have them peeking out of various plants in our home, and some more in my new zen garden on my kitchen table. I threw a little squirrel into the mix too (can you spot him?) My awesome friend Lyndsay made me this beautiful piece of pottery. ♥ I want to take pottery class now too!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year; New Project

Last year I tried a Flickr project. It was a lonely venture. I didn't have any friends to join me in my Project 52, and I eventually quit when I became bogged down with my new business stuff. This year I have decided to do a project 365 on Flickr, but I will not be updating it daily. I will make sure I take my daily photos, and then update when I have the chance.  I love photographing people, but I find that I neglect other areas of photography when I'm doing that so that's why I wanted to do this project.  I can't say how busy I'll get with other things, but as long as I'm focused on spending some time photographing objects, nature, and doing creative photo projects, I'm happy. So that's the goal. If you'd like to follow along here is my link.
And better yet, if you have your own Flickr, please send me the link. I love to follow new people.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jan 1- Happy New Year!

January first was a pretty great day. Any day that starts off with sleeping until 10 am is pretty likely to be a good one. The children spent hours outside working on their igloo with friends, while Dave and I cleaned and organized. They were out so long that I had to bring them grilled cheese sandwiches to eat on the front porch. It was cute watching them sit out in the snow, eating sandwiches with their friends.  The igloo is getting big. I took this snap of it yesterday. It's not going to have a roof though (too dangerous.)  Reese is so dedicated to this project. She couldn't wait to get out there again this morning, and was the first one to rush back to the igloo after their sandwiches. In other stinkin' cuteness, the girls have been working on pastel drawings. Reese helped Zoe with this bunny.♥ Dave goes back to work tomorrow. Sniff. It's been a good holiday.