Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pinterest, Gone Wrong

I love looking up crafts on Pinterest. My kids however, have their own ideas. The (small) part of me that is a good parent says, "Creativity- go - yay!" when they come up with their own concepts and ask if they have to follow the planned crafts. The other part of me thinks (quietly to herself) "What the bleep are you making?" as I watch them smear paint across the page, and sometimes themselves.  (That'd be the controlling, bad part of me that thinks that.) Aloud, I try my best (unsuccessfully) to sound sweet and ask what it is. Well, it started off like this, kind of like the original, and we were going to do this too, but that's when the smearing and stuff began.  I bet the mom did the ones on Pinterest. Those thumbprints look pretty big, right? ;) 
Our cards are gonna be original.


  1. I totally agree that parents show off their own art work on pinterest rather than their kids :) Way to go for making your own christmas cards!

  2. We made those cards last year and it was a gong show!! but I sent them as they were. With 5 kids putting their finger/thumb prints on the cards there was a ton of laughter and paint smears.


  3. AAAAHAHAHAHA!!! This one cracked me up. My sister also has the worst time muzzling her urges to correct her kids crafty instincts. I think my craft instincts are broken, because theirs often end up looking better than mine anyway ;) And the people on Pinterest/blogs OBVIOUSLY do the crafts themselves, not their kids!

  4. It's not easy being a yes mom, but so worth it in the end! I love the craft you chose, so cute!