Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Freddy and the Devil

So Dave and I went to a late Halloween party on the weekend. We had to come up with some very last minute ( throw a dress in the washer and dryer) kind of ideas.  Dave and I tried to take some pictures of ourselves. You know that awesome variety where you hold out the camera a few feet from your face? Yeah, they were not so hot. The only reason I added this one of me in the awesome yellow lighting from the bathroom is because it is a smidge overexposed to the point where my wrinkles magically disappear. Yay, I'll take it! I'm nothing if not honest.  And who doesn't love a mirror self portrait (ha)? I don't even own a tube of lipstick so I tried to make my lips a bit red with a marker that I borrowed from my children. So these are our costumes, and my dress was almost dry by the time I put it on, and we were only about two hours late for the party. 

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