Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Brownie

Last night I went for a jog, and on the way home I checked the mail. I have been impatiently waiting for a book I'd ordered.  My book wasn't there, but much to my excitement, the Kodak Vintage Brownie I'd ordered on ebay had arrived. It was smaller than I'd anticipated, which I am quite pleased about because I want to use it with pics of children.  I held that little box in my hands, and ran home with much anticipation. And when I got home, I pulled out the scissors, set it down, and forgot to open it. Ha.  
So today I took a few things to the park to take pictures of Zoe with the camera.  I love the Fall weather, and I try to take Zoe to the park every day that she's home when this lovely weather hits.  Unfortunately when we arrived at the park the sun had turned bright and harsh, and I had no reflectors so I had to make do.  I wasn't totally unprepared though- I brought jelly beans and that's all I really needed. ;)


  1. What gorgeous photos. I think they are some of my faves that you have posted. I love the camera, it is so cute as a prop!
    I hope that this weekend brings some nice weather so I can get out to take some photos too, you have inspired me.

  2. Gorgeous. Zoe is the perfect little model!