Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Well, I figured the least I could do is indulge the grandparents (who don't use Facebook), with pictures of the girls in costume. I couldn't even get them together for a picture. I had to get Reese's pic when she returned from her late night trick or treating adventures. My girls are so funny with their poses.  I just let them do their thing 'cause they are letting me photograph them and all.  Reese's pose reminds me of the poses I used to have to do for figure skating pictures. So uh...posed!  I threw this little "backdrop" up for them because Reese had picked it out when we were at Fabricland one day. I really couldn't say no 'cause she felt like I was shutting down all her fabric suggestions. So Halloween backdrop it was! It's a shiny orange fabric and the fabric on top is a black netting.  It was a good idea, really. I wasn't going to iron it or anything because it's just for fun and all. And it is a bit more fun than a brown wall in every single picture!

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