Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Well, I figured the least I could do is indulge the grandparents (who don't use Facebook), with pictures of the girls in costume. I couldn't even get them together for a picture. I had to get Reese's pic when she returned from her late night trick or treating adventures. My girls are so funny with their poses.  I just let them do their thing 'cause they are letting me photograph them and all.  Reese's pose reminds me of the poses I used to have to do for figure skating pictures. So uh...posed!  I threw this little "backdrop" up for them because Reese had picked it out when we were at Fabricland one day. I really couldn't say no 'cause she felt like I was shutting down all her fabric suggestions. So Halloween backdrop it was! It's a shiny orange fabric and the fabric on top is a black netting.  It was a good idea, really. I wasn't going to iron it or anything because it's just for fun and all. And it is a bit more fun than a brown wall in every single picture!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

And it went a little something like this...

My girls have joined the Girl Guide team for their first year.  They are both so excited about it, and just loving it. Reese is especially excited to have her Auntie's old uniform. Zoe kindly received this Sparks shirt from a friend. She loves it too, and even wore it to school.  Before class on Monday, I wanted to get a couple of pics of the girls in uniform.  Well, they just happened to want to have about 1 million pictures taken, and they both wanted to pose and be all dramatic. A lot. I really just wanted a couple, but ya know, I had to humor them. Zoe was so mad that Reese interrupted her pictures. She didn't know about the "bunny ears" at the time though.

Monday, October 15, 2012

I am on a Blogging Hiatus...

Dear friends who read this blog,
I am taking a short break from the blogging world.  I am very thrilled to have had several clients this month, and to get the opportunity to learn more about photography in the way I enjoy most- hands on.  I love photographing families, and feel very privileged to get to work with such wonderful families and such beautiful children. Unfortunately, I still need to keep my part time job to make ends meet, and I have been working  through the night hours, trying to schedule shoots in between, and somewhat keep up with my family and my house stuff (which is currently turned upside down with our flooring project).  I am so happy to get out there as much as possible and shoot while the weather is still nice, as I suspect it will turn soon. (My last three shoots have been in the rain so the weather is starting to turn!) After this month I'm going to see about getting this indoor lighting thing to work for me...Anyway, I will be back shortly, but felt I should explain my absence so you'd all know I was alive since I am sure you were all very worried (or not. Ha).

Monday, October 8, 2012

Apple Orchard

We went to Orchard Farms today to pick apples.  Apple picking has been slim this year, but since my girls have never been, it was exciting anyway.  I also had a vision of our family pictures in an orchard this year, and my mom was willing to kindly help me out. Unfortunately everything and then some seemed to be working against my vision, but when all was said and done, I had two or three family pics I could work with. And Dave, even having been there to see my vision not pan out, looked at the pictures and said no one could tell that we were anything but a happy family. So that'll do. Smile!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Brownie

Last night I went for a jog, and on the way home I checked the mail. I have been impatiently waiting for a book I'd ordered.  My book wasn't there, but much to my excitement, the Kodak Vintage Brownie I'd ordered on ebay had arrived. It was smaller than I'd anticipated, which I am quite pleased about because I want to use it with pics of children.  I held that little box in my hands, and ran home with much anticipation. And when I got home, I pulled out the scissors, set it down, and forgot to open it. Ha.  
So today I took a few things to the park to take pictures of Zoe with the camera.  I love the Fall weather, and I try to take Zoe to the park every day that she's home when this lovely weather hits.  Unfortunately when we arrived at the park the sun had turned bright and harsh, and I had no reflectors so I had to make do.  I wasn't totally unprepared though- I brought jelly beans and that's all I really needed. ;)