Saturday, September 8, 2012

Zoe's "Back to School" Photos

Since I had taken some back to school themed photos of Reese, I had to get Zoe in for a round too. This little dress quickly made it on my "best ever" list, and I had to get it for Zo (it's from Old Navy so it was fairly economical). The cashier at the store mentioned that she would like this dress in her size, and of course, I agreed! Birdies on a cute little collared dress? Sold!
Does Zoe look grouchy in this last pic? That's 'cause she could.not.wait. to eat the apple.


  1. Oh, I feel sooooo old seeing how big Zoe is!!! She is such a doll. Congrats on the business! Hope everything is going well.

  2. It's crazy how grown up she suddenly looks! Where did your little girl go??

  3. Love these! Btw, thank you for your very sweet comment on the party. It felt very thrown together, but were happy with out it all turned out. Hope the fall goes well for you! I'm itching to get out and take pictures of the kids in the leaves. :)