Sunday, August 5, 2012

Zoe's Fifth Birthday Party, In Pictures

The party went well, although things rarely are as they appear in pictures. ;) Like you wouldn't know that this is cake #2 (or would you? 'cause I think I've mentioned before that cakes and I are like oil and water.) And you wouldn't know that all my outdoor parties games were pretty much axed in exchange for just "playing" inside, but still, it was good. :) I was so very lucky to find this cake pan and that my girls appreciate the "classics," like Rainbow Brite. Happy 5th Birthday, baby girl!


  1. I love rainbow brite!!! i wonder if between my mom and I if I still have my doll?! Great pics btw!!! Can't believe she is 5!

  2. Hey, Laura
    I gave one of my customers the link to your blog. I hope that is ok. She is looking for someone to maybe do some pictures for her and her boyfriend. I thought of you. Her name is Jen. I love all your pics. Your a people person and it shows in your pictures :)