Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This week I...

So over the course of a week I picked up my studio lights, made a webpage, and purchased a business license.  So you could say that I've been pretty productive.  Before we went out to dinner tonight, Reese modeled a couple of backdrops and flooring for me.  As much as I love my home, I'm realizing that it is sadly a bit small for a studio set up. (We don't have any extra rooms, not even a dining room. Well, we do have an extra room in the basement, but that won't work.) Anyway, I'm not sure what I'll do about that one.  We did the purple pics last, and by then, the kid clearly had grown bored. Otherwise, it went well!

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  1. That is very exciting!!! I can't wait to see your webpage and hear more about your new venture. I love the backdrops you chose, so pretty. The colours just pop in the photos of Reese. Good luck!