Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fifth Birthday Portraits (A Photo Overload)

Five kind of marks the transition from baby to big kid for me. I wanted to go all out for these birthday photos. I went out and bought some fabric, I painted a wooden chair, and I put up my backdrop stand that's been sitting in a box for months. (Well, actually Dave did that part.) I even ironed. It's true.
 I have plans for outdoor portraits too, but even if I don't get to those, I'm happy to have these.  I never had fun portraits of Reese when she was really young, but I'm trying to get in as many as I can of my girls now.  Zoe will be five years old this Saturday.


  1. Happy early birthday Zoe-I can't believe she is going to be 5! Wow, that is CRAZY!!!! Love all the pics. She is a mini you... Laura :)

  2. Hey, LJ thanks for the reply on my blog. I'm in my pj's now-lol
    Next time I wear that dress I will get someone to take my pic. I got that dress at Sears Outlet. Dresses were 50% off.(just this past week). Some really cute styles that would look great on you. I just stuck with a simple style(less is more for me). I loved this style soooo much I got it in grey and brown :) Check out Sears(outlet) if you have a chance!!! Take Care. Happy Birthday Zoe(1 more sleep:)