Thursday, August 30, 2012

An Almost End of Summer Post

We have had a really great summer. I'm not sad to see it come to an end though. Well, sort of sad, but looking forward to change too.  And I should (hopefully) have some child free time to clean and run errands soon. It's funny how much you greatly appreciate those sacred times after you have kids.
In these pictures are a few of our recent summer crafts. The first is something I've always wanted to do. I found these cheap Play Doh molds at the Winners final clearance event- and yay, they were Strawberry Shortcake! So I fulfilled my dreams of making clay dough to make them "permanent." Then we painted with acrylics and I sealed them some kind of sealant. (Well, first I tried puzzle glue/sealer and that was a BAD idea...I was mostly being lazy.)When I was a little girl I had Care Bear Play Doh molds and that is where this dream began. So.
We made glitter globes with spice jars, super glue, and Littlest Pet Shops and Moshlings.  That worked well.  
We made "Lava Lamps" with baby oil, food colouring, alka seltzer tablets, and old jars. The kids loved it. It is unlikely I will ever do that craft again. I could write a novel on that, but I will just end it with on my carpet, and that's it. I bought them real Lava lamps the following week. They were so happy. 
Reese and her friend made these tissue box covers (Dollarama for those looking) and it took them all day to cover with yarn. That wasn't my plan, but if you ever need to occupy two 8 year olds, this is how. I felt kind of bad for Reese 'cause she is a lefty and I have no left handed scissors so yeah, that takes up time too...

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  1. I have wanted to make a glitter globe for a long time, those are really cute! Looks like the girls had fun!