Monday, July 23, 2012

One Kid Week

Reese is away at art camp this week. Sometimes it's good having just one kid around, other times not so much. Plus I miss my big girl. Dave took some photos of me and Zoe on the weekend. At first I found myself hideous in them, picking apart every flaw I was not fully aware existed. Since I so rarely have my picture taken, I found myself really self critical. But now I'm over it (mostly), and I think I kind of like the pics. I have been making an extra effort lately to dress like a lady. I have a new assortment of summer dresses and wear them almost every day. I made some new necklaces to match too. I discovered that summer dresses are very comfy and if I eat too much, there is room for expansion, unlike my usual jeans. ;)Yup, dresses are good. I am not sure how to revamp my fall wardrobe yet though.


  1. You and Zoe look great as always!!! I love that dress in the first pic-very pretty. Nice job on the necklaces too :) Hope your having a nice summer.

  2. You look great Laura!
    (and when you are back in town feel free to wear yoga pants so i don't feel out of place :P)