Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Filled Cupcakes

Chocolate Belly Cupcakes

My new thing right now is filled cupcakes.  I call the ones in this pic "Chocolate Bellies" because they have chocolate icing inside them.  I made  this recipe   for the cupcakes, but then I made my own vanilla icing recipe because the one in the link seemed like a lot of work and the cornstarch didn't appeal to me. Then I made chocolate icing for the middle. I scooped out the centre, filled it with the chocolate, iced it with the vanilla, and voila! The vanilla cupcake recipe is quite nice and I used it as a base for some cinnamon roll bellies too. (Think cinnamon brown sugar combo mixed in with some vanilla cream cheese icing. Good stuff.) I think next I will make a S'mores version.

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