Thursday, May 17, 2012


 I have this awesome quick pop maker.
It makes popsicles in 9 minutes (theoretically). I say theoretically because the recipes are pretty intensive to make a few popsicles.  The ones I made tonight were cookie dough. So I had to make eggless cookie dough, pudding, and the "magic shell" is not the kind in a bottle.  I have never made magic shell, but this one was a hit so I'll do it again. It's really easy. You use two parts chocolate chips to every one part coconut oil.  You can heat it double boiler style, but I microwaved mine, stirring at 10 seconds intervals.  
 I also cut Zoe's hair today. It was Reese that gave her the idea (last week) to cut her hair to her shoulders because she said it would look so cute. So Zoe jumped on that right away.  I made her wait a week.  She seemed torn once it was cut, but when Reese saw it, Zoe seemed satisfied because Reese loved it.  Now I just hope her little "love" from school likes it too. ;)


Three great things about my day:
1) We ran into one of Zoe's classmates from preschool (last year) at Homesense and we will be arranging a park date soon.
2) Dave took both of the girls to soccer practice with him.
3) I have "fun" mail for the second day in a row.


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  2. Zo's hair looks fabulous!!! LOvE iT!

  3. She looks adorable with short hair! That popsicle looks delish!!